The Mangaluru Diaries

I want to stay friends with my Ex-Girlfriend

Dear Juliet, I happened upon your site the morning after my girlfriend dumped me. Your advice columns (and seeing that …

Staying friends: mature or masochistic?

Dear Juliet, My ex wants very much for us to be friends, and I’m a little torn over it. I …

Barbecue nation – Food and Memories

Everyone were talking about barbecue nation which opened recently in Mangalore. So we made a reservation 2 days prior to …
MBBS Aspirants Travails

The 5 types of girls you find in Medical School

  My recent post about medico guys spawned this demand to come up with a similar post about the girls …

The kinda folks I met in college…

I recently read this post by Dr. Vishaal which detailed what not to do in Manipal. I guess you can …

Baked Goodness – Cochin Bakery

Freshly baked soft bread and buns, cake that literally melts in your mouth, assorted macarons…well, wondering where to get them? …

Giri Manja’s VS Machali: Mangalore Food Review

So having spent one full year in Mangalore I had the opportunity to taste the finest and the most authentic …

Campus Confidential

Barbecue nation – Food and Memories

Everyone were talking about barbecue nation which opened recently in Mangalore. So we made a reservation 2 days prior to … 0 216

COOL DuDe by Dr. Satyam Kapoor

Everybody has this one person in their batch or a bunch they’d grudgingly believe are just so COOL. It happens … 0 128

Malaria – endemic city worries

‘Mangalore is endemic to malaria’ that’s one of the first things I heard when I came to Mangalore. Even though … 0 95

Around The World

Guilty Pleasure: Of Television Shows from Pakistan

Despite the suggestive name; I am about to talk of something that is pretty harmless and totally above-board. Zindagi is …

Just A Second!

The Universe came into existence in an instant. Everything we know, everything we see, everything that ever was or will …

The Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan

Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi has had reams written about him, and colossal amounts of prime time devoted to deify, …

The Other Side of Economy and Politics

Every coin has two faces – heads and tails. Every coin earned therefore has two faces. Every foreign coin earned …

Religion… the fault in our issues

As soon as I switched on my television during the lunch break, I came to know about today’s breaking news, …

Art and Lifestyle



Dear Misfits/Who never seem to belong


Serenity amidst Cacophony


The Proposal



Bhudia Singh: Just a movie or destiny’s call?


10 Signs that You Are a Star Wars Fan




Fifty Shades (less than that) Of What I think


Going Places

Our first ever motorbike ride – The 300


The Big People


Our first ever motorbike ride – First Gear


Dudhsagar Falls, Goa – A Dream


Out of The Box

The Struggles of a Young Researcher (And how to still make it!)

Well hello and a very happy new year everyone! 2016 has officially started off and most of us still dazed …

Mother Nature’s Henchmen

One word says it all; mosquitoes. They help humans in no way. Unless you are full of vengeance and like …

Being human – religion, politics and others.

I know this friend of mine for over 30 years but even today when we have a conversation about any …

SHE – a poem

This is about my cousin sister whom i adored. Now, the flower of our friendship has wilted and dried and …

Waves – how a child saw it…

Little girl I was, Standing by the sea, holding dad’s hand, Looking at the sea so vast… The beautiful blue …

The Plastic Apron : Only For Medicos

The word ‘apron’ reminds me of the doctors in the Hollywood movies wearing starched, pristine, lustrous white aprons, knee length and …

Clipped wings – Shabby boy with a mischievous smile

I was a small boy studying in a nearby school. I used to see a boy everyday on my way …

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