Really ? Love ? – February fever

A warm hello to all of you! February is finally ending and  thus another month of 2014. It’s surreal how quickly time flies . I  hope you all had a great time in the pre – Valentine’s , Valentine’s and post – Valentine’s phase , unlike me and some of you who had a hard time holding on to sanity when everyone around  is “oh so in love”. No offense intended my darlings! just a strike at dry humor . Some times in the blur of experiencing movie like moments or the sheer daydreaming and fantasies we forget to do one very important thing , our work . 🙂  I’m focusing mainly on the group of people like me , college goers . 😉 cc-logo-300 In the hope of impressing some one , finding excuses to talk to “him” and look great every time you cross paths with your “crush” , yeah it does seem fun. After all college is the only time you get to do things, explore right? Right . But only upto a certain limit . You like someone ? Okay , try with a smile first , try talking to him/her and of course texting . If it has to happen , you’ll have an idea . But instead if you arrogantly make up your mind to make it happen anyhow , that too is okay .  You shouldn’t start obsessing over him/her , thinking of him/her the whole time and likewise.


It is alright if you don’t get the same kind of response from the other side . It will feel bad , it will hurt. Still you can’t afford to loose your sanity to it .There are cases where individuals have gone to such great lengths that they’ve ended up either in jail or mental asylum. And in their minds they aren’t doing anything wrong , isn’t all fair in the name of love ? When delusion becomes reality , what you see is what you want to see . So , to all my young friends out there , do glide down the meadows of love. . But don’t try and make up your imaginary Eden.

There are many things in life other than love . Like your work , your passionate hobbies . Go on , try and be a better co-worker . Make an effort to be some one by whom people will get inspired . We’ve been given precious time ,we’re alive . Cherish every moment you can breathe , live every joy you can . Worship your work . And if you hate your work , try changing it and move on to do things you love . When you’re heartbroken , you are sick  such that only you can save yourself . Health responds badly to a sick heart , tend to it .  And help out those who you think are lost in obsession . It can be anyone . If it gets worse , consult a psychiatrist or a counselor . This is a very common thing .Nothing to be embarrassed about . What really matters in the end is that you are healthy and happy . If it doesn’t work out with that person , wait . For God has someone better , someone right just for you .

“And the tears come streaming down your face
When you lose something you can’t replace
When you love someone, but it goes to waste
Could it be worse?
Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you”- Fix you , Coldplay Single.

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