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July 25, 2014 Guest 0

Crushes. Marriage – One word in the English dictionary that has such a profound significance for the human race. An institution that has significantly helped human society stay disciplined, dignified and cultured. Like all other […]

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Religion… the fault in our issues

July 24, 2014 Vyom Agarwal 0

As soon as I switched on my television during the lunch break, I came to know about today’s breaking news, “Sena MPs ‘force’ fasting muslim staffer to eat chapati“,”Sena MPs ‘force’ Muslim worker to break […]

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Lost Love by Sara Showkath Ali

July 13, 2014 Guest 0

There you were, Behind the window bars… Searching, admiring, staring, The face of your darling… Was it the sun or her smile? Wishing you could hold time for a while, Longing to touch her soft […]

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The silent moon

July 12, 2014 Guest 0

  A ridiculously large moon Hanging over the trees In the wild open sky but without the stars Why, oh why did the stars leave? Did they fell on earth with the rains? Did they […]

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Cleanliness next to Godliness

July 12, 2014 Guest 0

Filthy gutters lining a dirty street, in anguish, mutter many a pained feet. In a landfill nearby, overflowing with the entire city’s waste; rubbish pies in shallow pits, on them, many a fly sits… A […]


Mind Your Own Damn Business

July 9, 2014 Hussein Karim 0

Almost every single person, if not all, can relate to this sentence having used it in at least one occasion during their life. The term ‘minding your own business’ has become a universal sentence used […]