Learn to play acoustic guitar: basic steps for learning acoustic guitar

Interested to learn to play acoustic guitar? You might have saved up for months to buy a fancy instrument and start performing within a week, but don’t get carried away by the apparently careless strumming that pros seem to do all the time on stage! It takes a lot of perseverance to get to the top, but you can start with acoustic guitar beginner lessons and see if you have it in you to go professional. If not, you can at least learn easy acoustic guitar songs and pursue guitar as a hobby and entertain family and friends at leisure.takamine_acoustic_guitar

  • Step 1: Get yourself a good acoustic guitar. There are popular affordable guitars that are good for beginners yet sound professional. Go for suitable plectrums for picking the guitar strings. Now, learn as much as you can about your guitar itself. Read about guitar parts and basics like names of strings. Holding the guitar properly is the basic step with all guitar lessons. Only proper positioning will help you play comfortably without tiring.
  • Step 2: Tune your acoustic guitar. Tuning involves setting the proper pitch for every string. You can get this done at the guitar store. But it’s much better to learn tuning it yourself. Get some pitching pipes for basic pitch setting. Check what happens when you tighten and loosen the strings even slightly. You can learn tuning only by practicing, and not through any theoretical acoustic guitar lessons.
  • Step 3: Mastering finger movement is very important when you learn to play acoustic guitar. Ignore the ache in your sore fingertips for a while. Focus on playing the right note without looking at the guitar again and again. Acoustic guitar beginner lessons advise the beginner to play the 7 notes of do-re-me for adept finger movements. Easy acoustic guitar songs like the happy birthday tune can be learnt in quick time. These make for good finger exercises.
  • Step 4: Chords are a combination of many notes. You press down different parts of the strings and strum the guitar to play chords. Chords are ideal for those interested in rhythm guitar but learning chords is a must for all beginners. Again, this takes time to master. Keep a notebook and pen and draw fret board diagram and make chord charts. Try to commit the finger placement to memory. Keep practicing the chords again and again by way of easy songs that use basic chords.

While these are the regular steps for the average beginner to learn to play acoustic guitar, there is no reason you shouldn’t experiment on your own. Try popular songs if you are bored with the easy acoustic guitar songs recommended in all acoustic guitar beginner lessons. Record what you played and listen to it to spot your mistakes and rectify them. Ask a guitarist friend to give honest feedback. Watch the videos of masters at work. Read what you can of guitar articles. When you find practice enjoyable, you will never get lazy. Good luck with your guitar!

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