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Wake Me Up When The Lecture Ends!

July 7, 2013 Guest 0

Here is a legendary tale of a last bencher. I have 100 % physical attendance in class and 100% mental absence as well. Everybody likes to enjoy scenic beauty for as Keats said “A thing […]

Campus Confidential

The Understated : Life of A Medico

July 6, 2013 Guest 4

Ever encountered a medical aspirant striving hard to get through the entrance? Ask him and he will mesmerize you with his thoughts about our life – yes the life of an MBBS student. Yes that’s […]


7 Tips to help you take AWESOME Photographs

July 6, 2013 Guest 0

Hi  Guys! As you may noticed from the previous articles, I have mainly stressed on composition. So today, let’s find out what exactly the composition is and how you can improve it. In photography, it’s […]

Campus Confidential


July 5, 2013 Guest 0

We here at Manipal University stand shocked and horrified. A news came floating last week from our counterpart in Manipal and it shook everybody. A first year student of KMC Manipal committed suicide. Reason being-the […]


Wandering to Wayanad (part two)

July 3, 2013 Guest 0

The last post I wrote was dedicated to all the rain-lovers of the world. Yeah, I should have probably mentioned that in the last post, but never mind. Wayanad is a beautiful place, rain or shine. […]


Capturing the Mangalore Monsoons!

July 1, 2013 Guest 0

It’s that time of the year again when you grumble on getting all drenched and keep snoozing your alarm clocks.  Monsoons! One of the many characteristic feature of Mangalore that becomes a part and parcel […]

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Death Of a Language

July 1, 2013 Guest 1

The time of death for the English language was 10pm IST on 08.01.2013 “rofl,brb,gtg,lmao,ttyl and LOL” This, my friends is sadly what has become of the language of the Queen. It has been violated, brutalized, […]