• Instagram marketing
    Seo and Marketing

    6 Important Tips To Do In Instagram Marketing 2021

    Everyone has seen how Instagram has taken the world by storm since its inception. From being just another social media platform to becoming the ultimate platform for brands to showcase their products to over 1.16
  • aquarium care

    A Guide to Aquarium Care

    Setting Up The Aquarium Cycling the tank Set up your tank with dechlorinated water like “Aqua Safe”, a filter, a heater, gravel on the bottom, live plants and decorations as you wish, and a couple
  • exam stress

    Exam Stress, How to avoid it?

    Although you may know the materials, and even though you have read all hints and tips in this book, one factor may still interfere with your ability to successfully function on an exam day: exam
  • kmc mangalore
    KMC Mangaluru

    Experi-MENTAL: The Batch of 2019

    It has been a long yet short time since I have been a part of this majestic college. I had a bag over my shoulder and an ambitious dream in me as I entered. My
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Trippy Ceiling -The Most Interesting Person in the Room

February 19, 2019 0

Kenny Sebastian, the short-statured arts graduate, everyone in the world who owns a functional larynx and would not die of guffawing like a beast is talking about, rolled down to cheer the dreary tides of Mangalore

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