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    Certified Translation Services For Immigrants

    Translation Translation involves converting a source-language text into a target language text. When translating literature, a translator can make use of the literary license to either paraphrase or make slight changes to the translated text
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    5 Lifelong Skills You Need to Learn in College

    When you graduate from college, there’s a strong chance that you will have forgotten a lot of the information you learned in your freshman Biology class. But guess what, that doesn’t mean that you didn’t
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    How to Successfully Suck Up to a College Professor

    It’s difficult to replicate the awesomeness of a great semester. But one way I’m attempting to do so is by taking another class with one of my favorite professors. She’s intelligent, inspiring, a total riot,
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Trippy Ceiling -The Most Interesting Person in the Room

February 19, 2019 0

Kenny Sebastian, the short-statured arts graduate, everyone in the world who owns a functional larynx and would not die of guffawing like a beast is talking about, rolled down to cheer the dreary tides of Mangalore

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