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    6 facts about college admissions

    6 facts about college admissions that help explain why seemingly excellent applicants don’t always get in. Don’t be misled by those magazine rankings. Nobody in his right mind would bother to apply to a prestigious
  • person holding baby's toe with yellow petaled flower in between
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    8 Ways Infertility Affects Your Mental Health

    Infertility can sometimes be emotionally draining for people who have it. Depressive disorder is highly common in those who suffer from infertility. To make matters worse, these people find it hard to seek help from
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    8 Unpopular Travel Destinations This Summer

    Travel this summer will prove interesting, to say the least. Travel restrictions are affecting everyone right now, and many who had planned their dream vacations are now re-evaluating and even canceling those plans based on
  • Global Pandemic
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    How I Rediscovered My Life amidst a Global Pandemic

    Do you know that 2,440 U.S. army personnel have been killed in combat during the 18 year-long U.S. – Afghan war? In comparison, the Coronavirus global pandemic has killed 12,902 Americans in just over 2
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    The Coronavirus Outbreak: How to Stay Calm as it Spreads

    Every passing day, more news and numbers are coming up about COVID-19. Several major activities are being postponed for an indefinite period of time, school and offices shutting down, big festivals, parades, and other important
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Trippy Ceiling -The Most Interesting Person in the Room

February 19, 2019 0

Kenny Sebastian, the short-statured arts graduate, everyone in the world who owns a functional larynx and would not die of guffawing like a beast is talking about, rolled down to cheer the dreary tides of Mangalore

The Mangalore Diaries


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