6 iPhone Apps to Calculate your fitness and health

Figure out how the numbers work out for your fitness and health with these calculators.
  1. iPhone Calculator: Among other calculators, this program comes with a useful calorie calculator that can help you learn how much an exercise will help you burn off.
  2. Calories Burned Calculator: Figure out how many calories your workout is burning with this helpful mobile calculator.
  3. BMI Calculator: Get a good estimate of your Body Mass Index (BMI) by using this calculator.
  4. BMR Calculator: This calculator allows you to figure out your base metabolic rate, the number of calories you burn, so you can better figure out what to eat and how to work out.
  5.   Blood Alcohol Concentration Calculator:  This calculator can help you figure out where to cut yourself off when it comes to drinking.
  6.    Daily Calorie Calculator: Get an estimate of how many calories you should be eating each day with this calorie intake calculator.
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