9 iPhone apps to monitor your Diet and Nutrition

Make sure you’re eating right at home or when you go out with these tools for your iPhone.
  1.   Food Information Database: This application provides nutritional information for thousands of restaurants to let you know how much you’re taking in even when you’re eating out.
  2.    Food Network: Get access to great healthy recipes and instructional videos through the Food Network’s iPhone site.
  3. iPhone Nutrition: This application allows you to enter in a food and get all the nutritional information on it you’ll need.
  4.   Mindful: Track your food intake using this fitness tool. It features a built-in food database, calculation of your recommended daily calories, food preferences, activity levels and much more.
  5.   iPoint Calculator: Those following Weight Watchers will appreciate this calculator, which allows users to easily keep track of how many points they’re having at each meal.
  6. SugarTracker: Diabetics can ensure they’re not consuming too much sugar with this helpful dietary tool.
  7.   One Trip Shopping List: Make a shopping list of all your healthy choices and stick to it with this portable shopping list tool for your iPhone.
  8. 101 Cookbooks: Check for recipes on just about anything on this site so you can eat right and enjoy your meals at the same time.
  9. iPhone Diet: You can use your iPhone as a personal diet and health coach with this nutrition monitoring program.
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