What makes the iPhone 4G better and more appealing ?

iPhone is the most love able gadget by consumers. People like to own the brand and phone, and readily admit it as part of their personality perhaps that is the reason that every new model of iPhone is very much anticipated and a lot of sets are booked even before they are launched.

Now is the time of release of iPhone 4G and consumers are very much excited by the new features it is bringing for them. Let us review the latest sleek and most fashionable touch screen iPhone 4G.

The new iPhone 4G is trusted to have better resolution then previous versions that is 960/640 pixel resolution at 326PPI which gives an amazing experience to the user making it more lively. It basically comes in two neutral tones black and white with a capacity range from 16-32 Gigabyte flash drive. The new buttons are metallic in feel and visibility and two buttons are offered for volume. A camera to support video call is at front end and the actual camera with five Mega pixels and flash is at the back side of the phone. The high definition camera supports great video recording experience as it can capture thirty frames with audio in a single point of time.

The new iPhone 4G weighs approximately 4.8 ounces while it is 0.37 inches in thickness. It is also bundled with retina display, has front and back finger resistance cover, 3.5 inches multi-touch screen is comparatively smaller that 3G but difference isn’t that noticeable.

The battery is Lithium Ion Battery that is sixteen percent larger, 5.25 WHr and is at 3.7 volts. The battery is rechargeable and can be charged by USB cable attached to Laptop or by power adapter to socket. With iPhone 4G in your hand you can talk up to seven hours to 3G and 14 hours to 2G,audio play back time is forty hours while video play back time is 10 hours and stand by time of three hundred hours. The Apple iPhone 4G comes with an ear phone, remote and microphone in packaged box.

The new set has square feel in visibility rather circular has aluminium border that gives it metallic shine and make it look more sleek in design. The new set is best as yet it is more sleek, metallic and square as compare to all the previous version. The professional colors, metallic touch and flatter non plastic look makes it more appealing and gives more professional and high end look. Due to the appeal it thus settles into every environment it is induced.

Moreover, the components inside the phone are reduced in size to create space for better and larger battery so that your phone can run forever with minimal charging.People are eagerly waiting to grab the dream iPhone, it is said to be released in 2010 but no specific date has been announced by Apple. Once it is out people can experience and judge if the latest iPhone has come up to their expectations or not.

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