Graphic File Types (some examples)

File format
Stands For
Bitmap – standard for PC
Strong quality. Microsoft Paint files are saved as .BMP.
Tagged Image File Format
Uncompressed image good for use on Mac or PC; large image file
Windows Metafile
Many Clip Art in the Microsoft programs are in this format.
Enhanced Metafile
Can be a better image than .WMF.
Encapsulated PostScript
Best used for printing high quality images
Macintosh Picture File
Bitmap – standard for Mac
Good for screen display on Macs.
Graphics Interchange Format
Bitmap – 256 or fewer colors
Used for clipart and drawings. Compressed files used on Web pages.
Portable Network Graphics
Bitmap – 256 or fewer colors.
Can be more compressed than .GIF files.
Joint Photographic Experts Group
Bitmap – over 256 colors
Used for photos and clipart/drawing with over 256 colors. Compressed files used on Web pages.
Web Graphic File Types
Following are the type of graphic files that can be used on Web (HTML) pages.
  • .GIF – 256 or fewer colors
  • .PNG – 256 or fewer colors
  • .JPG OR .JPEG – photographs
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