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June 30, 2013 Anirudh Chand 1

After I had my mind boggled and scattered this way and that by Breaking Bad’s fifth “mid-season finale”, I found myself in search for another “dark” series to pursue. Finding Game of Thrones too mainstream


AniMania 1- Naruto

June 30, 2013 Anirudh Chand 1

From an era of scribbled hand-drawn toons to today’s near-reality “Japanimation”, the word of Animation (popularly called Anime) has seen more change and transformation than Lindsay Lohan with a bottle of booze and a needle.

The Mangalore Diaries

Bejai – An year well spent!

June 29, 2013 Guest 1

Ah Bejai! The place that taught me a lot in life!! Helped me come across some amiable people. Proved to me , the term ‘Pure atmosphere’. The green campus, the well – maintained hostel building


On your Mark, Get Set…Chill Out!

June 29, 2013 Hussein Karim 0

A sixteen year old girl was recently admitted in the Psychiatry department where I am currently posted with a serious case of depression and mental instability. On inquiring, I found out that she failed some


Mangalore – “Scene and the Unseen”

June 29, 2013 Sanjana Molugu 0

Nature attracts all our five senses. Sight of beautiful mountains, sea, sunrise, sunset and waterfalls. Fragrance of flowers and petrichor (smell of the mud after the first rain), sound of the chirping birds, waves hitting

Random Stuff


June 28, 2013 Vyom Agarwal 0

The night is the darkest before the morning Just when we had started losing hope that justice will be delivered, the news that 2 people have been arrested in the Manipal sexual assault case came

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Redefining Life-Ishtyle

June 28, 2013 Vyom Agarwal 0

Greetings everyone!!! Welcome to the blog…keep coming frequently otherwise we will have to go down and of course feel free to contact us regarding absolutely anything at mlore@manipalblog.com This is a brief introduction to the