The Wire

The Wire

June 30, 2013 Anirudh Chand 1

After I had my mind boggled and scattered this way and that by Breaking Bad’s fifth “mid-season finale”, I found myself in search for another “dark” series to pursue. Finding Game of Thrones too mainstream

Naruto Team Wallpaper

AniMania 1- Naruto

June 30, 2013 Anirudh Chand 1

From an era of scribbled hand-drawn toons to today’s near-reality “Japanimation”, the word of Animation (popularly called Anime) has seen more change and transformation than Lindsay Lohan with a bottle of booze and a needle.

The Mangalore Diaries

Bejai – An year well spent!

June 29, 2013 Guest 1

Ah Bejai! The place that taught me a lot in life!! Helped me come across some amiable people. Proved to me , the term ‘Pure atmosphere’. The green campus, the well – maintained hostel building

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On your Mark, Get Set…Chill Out!

June 29, 2013 Hussein Karim 0

A sixteen year old girl was recently admitted in the Psychiatry department where I am currently posted with a serious case of depression and mental instability. On inquiring, I found out that she failed some