#35- Entry no 1(Paranormal Romance)

A putrid stench wafted out of the door the second she opened it.

“One minute, let me spray some air freshener.”

It was the first time she had brought over a man to her dorm room. The rules allowed it, but placed a curfew. Her roommate was more judgmental, thankfully she was out shopping today.

The malodour was masked by a sickly chemical jasmine. Her visitor didn’t seem to mind. “Must be heaven compared to the dung heap his hostel is”, she thought.

She pulled him by the collar and they both collapsed on the sofa, giggling at their silliness, captivated by young love.

Sudden noises distracted the lovers; a chair was levitating a few feet away. As she inhaled deeply to let out a scream the chair came hurtling towards them. He pushed her out of the way and the chair broke on the wall behind them. They beat a hasty retreat.

“It’s a spirit. One in anguish. Male.” A tongue darted out from between her paan stained lips and tasted the air. “19, no 20 years old. Come on in dear, he won’t do anything while I’m here,” the woman gestured inwards her beads jangling.

The girl cowered outside the door. “Who is he?”

“You know any boys who committed suicide when you spurned their advances?”

“No, only two boys have approached me my entire life.”

“Just as I suspected, pathetic. Don’t worry sweetie, he’s latched his soul to this room.”

She handed in transfer papers to a different dorm the next day.


Four years had passed.

“Excuse me,” she stopped a passing boy, “is this a male dormitory now?”

“Yeah been so, for three years.”

“What about room 35?”

“Oh that room,” he said with a wink, “it’s still our unofficial love quarters.”

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