Last Wish – Vinayak Prabhu

Peruzam lifts the crumpled bill and is perplexed how it got there. “How come no one noticed this 100 rupee note too?” he thought to himself.

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Lost in his own heap of thoughts, he carefully opens up the bill, folds it slowly and slithers it into his sweaty shirt pocket; along with other bills he found on the way there. His mother breathes slowly through the ventilator with a mild beeping sound beside her cot. Peeping through the small window, Peruzam’s tired eyes look down at the handle of the door of the emergency room.

He enters into the room slowly, despite his mother not having regained her consciousness. He goes near her bed and feels terrible to see her in the state she is in. “I wish I could go back to that day”, he screams in his own mind. Sure to be careful, he clasps her wrinkled hands slowly and stares right into her face, hoping for her to wake up one last time.

The nurse walks into the room, and asks Peruzam if he is ready. He slowly looks back at the nurse, and gets up from his chair. Peruzam has a last look at his mother. He gets his hands into the shirt pocket and takes out all the bills, stacks them in a pile and hands it over to the nurse.

The nurse takes all the money, looks and feels sorry at his situation. He looks up at her, while his face is still facing down and gives her a sheepish grin. The nurse gets appalled by expression, backs a step and hurries out of the room. Peruzam falls on the ground, right beside his mother’s cot. The beeping sound beside the cot, slows down its pace and turns into a steady tone.

About the Author: Vinayak Prabhu is a resident of Mangalore and works at Kit2 Productions. This Flash Fiction is an entry in our Paranormal Romance Contest.

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