Headphone Hazards

SUBMISSION WEEK ! Shoot me now 🙁





I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one this happens to right?

Work is stressing me out -.-.  And I usually listen to music when I work.

So you can imaging the number of chappals and other small hard objects that have been aimed at my head over the last few days. Not that I blame anyone 😛 I do my own fair share of projectile-chucking during submission times.

As mentioned in my wordpress bio, I browse a lot on deviantart and tumblr. So I was thinking of suggesting my favourite artists every week, for other fellow aspiring cartoonists/illustrators out there 🙂 Maybe our tastes may not match, but then again, maybe they would.

Sooooo….. If anyone is interested in really good fanart, I would suggest Makani on Deviantart. The art style isn’t something I would usually follow but The artist has a way of capturing moments in the Harry Potter books that aren’t usually paid much attention to. A REALLY Impressive feat 😀

Also do send in any other articles, photographs or any other contributions to [email protected] 🙂

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