Entry No. 11-‘Celebratione . . .’ by Aheesh Krishna

valentines day contest
Celebratione . . .As I reached the tip of cliff, to see a hut..
Fully decorated with Love, Happiness,Liberty & Ruth!
I stood Dumbstruck!! Not knowing this was nothing but
Waves & Waves of Joy taking their birth!!A true festival indeed! Wow! Wow! WoW!Balloons busted to spread sounds of life and bliss!!
Colored sprays sputtered to stick logos of Loved!
Tapes flew & grew, to reach the heart & Kiss!!
Songs were sung, which reached the sun till they echoed!
Hearts sprung & spun rhythmically.. side by side
Beating the chorus feelings ” Love! Joy! Love! Joy!”
Souls & souls wed, where differences run and hide!!

A day of celebration which indeed made me cry!

Skies smiled, rivers danced…
Trees gave blossoms of compassion!!
Squirrels jumped, birds romanced..
All to give oneness n true affection!!

Accepting the self, feeling of self!
To cherish us Thunders of Freedom,to make us all ONE! ONE! ONE!
Scar the Heart Permanently of today’s exploding gentle CELEBRATION!

About the poet: The poet is Aheesh Krishna, a 19 year old student at School of Life Sciences center, Manipal. This poem is an entry for the Valentine’s day Poetry competition.



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