Entry no 12- ‘When will I, When will You’ by Ramita Mukherjee

valentines day contest
When will I bloom like a flower,
And reach you to be your lyre.
When will I splash like a wave,
And reach you, even if you are in an island in the haze.
When will i be the morning sun.
And reach you with all my light in turn.
When will I be the incessant rainfall,
And reach you with my vigor and downfall.
When will I be the faraway folk-lore,
And reach you from my heart’s core.
When will I be that Siberian bird,
And reach you with my wings, so large.
When will it be you, who would,
Fly like a cloud and help me regain my mood.
When will it be you who would rush,
Like a waterfall, and throw on me a drop of dew.
When will it be you who would be my mirror,
And reach me with your enchanting shimmer.
When will it be you
When will it be me
To be together without a feud
But only the words “You and I” ?
Just that , you love me,
And I, I love you !!!!
About the Author: Ramita Mukherjee, a student of KMC, Mangalore. This is a poetry submitted for the Valentine’s Day Contest.
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