Entry no. 2- “The Mirror Of Erised” by Utkarsh Tripathi

valentines day contest

The mirror of erised is here,and what do i see?
A maiden no older than a month,as I rock her in my arms;
The room opens and in walks everyone;
I look away from the mirror trying to keep calm;

I glance again and the scene has changed,
for the girl is now a little older,
She crawls on all fours on my bedroom floor,
while I try to find my own ground,for I am slipping;

I blink and its gone,my reflection stares;
I frantically close my eyes,
I peek and lo, there she is again,
But now she looks like she can walk;
And she walks around the house while tears make me blind;
for I haven’t heard those footsteps for 2 straight years;
The mirror of erised cold,unforgiving,
turning the heartiest desires into burning fire;

I clear my eyes and now i see a beautiful girl but she is looking pale;
She looks at me her eyes look troubled;
My heart screaming “no just look away”
but I’m rooted for I cant stop staring;
I reach out and try to touch her face;
but all I can feel is cold hard glass;

No,no,no,no i’m going insane;
I cannot take this anymore;                                                                                                                                                                 I see her going deathly pale;                                                                                                                                                               but then she gives a faintest smile;

I try and smile back but its been too long;
too long since I tried to smile;
I try hard but all I can manage is a grimace;
I know it will take a while;

The mirror of erised enchanted cursed;
slowly sucking my life away;
I promise myself not to come back everyday;
and yet here I am dead inside staring sobbing and lastly….alone.

About the Author:The author is Utkarsh Tripathi.This is a poetry submitted for the Valentine’s Day Contest.


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