Machali: First Look by The 3 Hungry Men


The latest fish place on the block is undoubtedly Machali.


Located behind Ocean Pearl (Sharada Vidyalaya Road), Mangalore


The ambiance is pretty common place and is the eat quickly n go kind of place.Sea Food Spread, Machali Mangalore Fish Thali, Rs.30, Machali Mangalore Crab Ghee Roast, Machali Mangalore


Their fish dishes were fantastic and here are the top 5.

1. Prawn Fry
2. Anjal masala fry
3. Pomfret Ghee Roast
4. Crab masala
5. Prawns Phanna UpkariChicken Kebab Fry, Machali Mangalore

Veg lovers don’t worry. They have Paneer/Baby corn/Mushroom ghee roast which are yum too.

They do serve several chicken dishes too and watch out for their Biryani which is wow!(tastes like a Pulav)

Go? No Go?

Though we loved the place we feel there is room for improvement but its still the initial days and they’re doing great.Fish Phanna Upkari, Machali Mangalore

Feel free to try them. We definitely recommend them!

Want to know more about this place? Read this —> Machali | Coastal Karnataka Cuisine Restaurant

Stay hungry stay happy!

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