10 Clothing Rules All Men Should Know

  1. Shoes and socks should match. White socks go with sneakers and dark dress shoes call for dark dress socks.
  2. Belt. Belt color should match shoe color.
  3. Shirts should be tucked in. Unless you are wearing swim trunks or drawstrings, the shirt should almost always be tucked in.
  4. Clogs and sandals are for sissies. Stick to athletic type sandals and flip-flops.
  5. A tie with a short-sleeved button-down is a big no-no. A short-sleeved button-down may be worn untucked over a t-shirt.
  6. If you are not sure your shirt and pants go together, they probably don’t. Choose a colored shirt, and pick a neutral pair of pants to go with it (tan, gray, black). This is a no-fail plan.
  7. Never wear a suit on a date. Suits are for job interviews, weddings, and funerals.
  8. Avoid pattern-to-pattern combos. Don’t mix a polka-dot shirt with striped pants. Also, plaid is for shirts, not for pants.
  9. Bow ties: high risk, low pay-off. Pee-wee Herman???
  10. Blue is a sure thing. The color blue never fails. Blue is a versatile color and very few men look bad in it.
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