An Affair within Romantic Relationship

June 29, 2018 Crystal 0

A relationship doesn’t ask for scarifies, believes and faiths. However, it is like a loosen thread with ample of knots. As long as you will not involve dismays, disbelieves and mistrust, it will stay alive.

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Traveling with kids

June 25, 2018 Guest 0

Get some new ideas on taking trips with your kids. Ideas to make the miles fly by, for both of you. Maybe you are planning a family vacation, or maybe you just want to go

The Mangalore Diaries

Festivals of Mangalore: ISKCON Rathotsava

June 24, 2018 Ankita Singh 0

International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) organises Sri Jagannath Rathotsava in Mangalore once in a year. Every year, the splendidly decorated chariots of Lord Jagannath roll down the avenues of dozens of Cities across the

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Travel games for children

June 24, 2018 Guest 0

Travel time activities for small children to make your driving vacation run smoothly. You’ve been driving for 16 hours and four words—“are we there yet?”—echo in your head. The two little angels in the back

The Mangalore Diaries

Festivals of Mangalore: Aati Kalanja

June 23, 2018 Tanmay Tiwari 0

Aati festival in Mangalore is one of the regional festivals of the territory. The Aati festival of Mangalore is celebrated by the Nalke community of Mangalore as a reverence to Kalanja, a minor spirit. Aati

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Tips for traveling with children

June 23, 2018 Guest 0

Tips to make traveling with your children more enjoyable for both of you Are you planning a vacation with your children?? Here are some tips to make your vacation or trip more enjoyable. Planning is


Massage Centres in Mangalore

June 22, 2018 Gayathri Rajeev 1

Search for the best massage centres in Mangalore,  Mangalore massage center, body massage in Mangalore, head and body massage in Mangalore, ayurvedic massage in Mangalore, corporate massage in Mangalore, massage spa Mangalore, Mangalore ayurvedic massage

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Flying with children

June 22, 2018 Guest 0

Flying with your children soon? Practical tips for parents who are planning to fly with their children. Planning to take an airplane trip with your child? You’ve probably thought of everything, but here are some


Gyms in Mangalore

June 21, 2018 Deepak Kalappat 0

A gym should be more than just a place to work out; it should be a place to belong. It is a principle that a gym should look and feel great, complete with upscale touches