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Role of Jainism in Modern India – Dr. B.H. Kapadia

November 18, 2018 Guest 0

According to Jain Cosmography our present India is known as Bharatakhand, situated in the Jambudvipa. It is known and designated as Bharatakhand after the name of Bharata, the son of Lord Rsabhadeva, the first Tirthankara

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Jainism in Karnataka

November 17, 2018 Guest 0

Even before the reign of Chalukya king Pulakesi the (17th Century A. D.) Jainism was a dominant religion in the Karnataka. All the later kings like Vinayaditya, Vijayaditya helped Jaina saints in spreading their religion.

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Jainism in South India

November 16, 2018 Guest 0

In South India, Jainism is little more than a name. Even serious students of religion in India paid little attention to it. In a population of nearly 60 crores of people, Jainas may constitute nearly