scenic Madikeri

Madikeri – The Scotland of the East

July 10, 2020 Vishaal Bhat 0

Described as the Scotland of India, the district of Kodagu, of which Madikeri is the headquarters, has made a significant contribution of valiant men to the country’s defense forces. It has produced some of the

Chennakeshava temple Marvels of Karnataka

Karnataka – A Tourism Perspective

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Karnataka, one of the four states of South India, is a veritable tourist paradise. Name any attraction, you have it in this State of erstwhile kings and Maharajas – magnificent Palaces and bungalows, forts and

chennakeshava temple
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Chennakeshava Temple at Belur

July 8, 2020 Vishaal Bhat 0

A famous center for exquisite Hoysala architectural marvel, Belur, in Hassan district. It is famous for its celebrated Chennakeshava temple, whose carvings are a feast for the eyes. Location: Belur is located in the Malnad region,

pampa era

Kannada Sahitya: Other poets of Pampa era

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There are many poets in the subsequent 11th and 12th centuries who have written works in Old Kannada or Hale Kannada emulating the example of Pampa. Chavundaraya, Nagavarma I, Durgasimha, Shantinatha, Nagachandhra, Nayasena, and Brahmashiva

kannada sahitya Pampa ponna ranna

Kannada Sahitya: Pampa-Ponna-Ranna

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Pampa enjoys the eminence of being the ‘Adi Kavi’ of Kannada literature. He is the first Kannada poet. His is the oldest Kannada work or the first Kannada work available in Kannada literature. This does

kannada sahitya Pampa purva yuga

Pampa Poorva Yuga Kannada Sahitya

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It is necessary to know the growth of Kannada literature after understanding its various stages of progress. Hundreds of literary men have contributed to Kannada literature during its 1500-year-old tradition. Some of them have made

hosagannada navagannada

New Kannada – Navagannada

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Kannada literature of the period from the 12th to 15th centuries may be considered as the era of “Veerashaiva” literature. The subsequent period from the 15th to 19th centuries is considered the era of “Brahmin”

nadugannada medieval kannada

Medieval Kannada – Nadugannada

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Old Kannada literature, which developed continuously until the middle of the 12th century, began to enter the second phase after that. Old Kannada, which had flourished under the influence of Sanskrit, introduced a new phase.