lifelong skills

5 Lifelong Skills You Need to Learn in College

October 29, 2020 Crystal 0

When you graduate from college, there’s a strong chance that you will have forgotten a lot of the information you learned in your freshman Biology class. But guess what, that doesn’t mean that you didn’t

weirdest laws in thailand

Weirdest Laws in Thailand

August 13, 2020 Crystal 0

Some might argue that all laws are a little strange, but I think just about anyone would be hard-pressed to argue with these – they’re some of the weirdest laws in Thailand. Now, I should

tourist town

How to make a tourist town

August 12, 2020 Crystal 0

Many British cities look on with envy at places such as York, Bath, and Canterbury. These tourist honey pots attract thousands of visitors every day, pouring into town to snap a few photos, eat an

Europe Travel

10 European Travel Tips

August 11, 2020 Crystal 0

Whether you’re a first-timer or seasoned veteran, traveling in Europe can always have its mishaps. It can also be a wonderful, beautiful adventure despite these mishaps. I’ve had plenty of them along the way and