Gyms in Mangalore

June 21, 2018 Deepak Kalappat 0

A gym should be more than just a place to work out; it should be a place to belong. It is a principle that a gym should look and feel great, complete with upscale touches

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Modi, Modi and only Modi!

September 16, 2013 Deepak Kalappat 0

As I am writing this many in BJP cadre are celebrating, in fact the happiness is infectious. On a path that from humble roots as the son of a tea-shop owner has led to running

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Betal 2014

September 1, 2013 Deepak Kalappat 0

It was dark in the dense electoral jungle. King Manmohan Vikram Singh stood amid the ominous trees, bathed in the sliver of moonlight leaking through the tangled branches. Journalist owls hooted all around him. Reporter

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5125th Birth Anniversary of Lord Krishna

August 29, 2013 Deepak Kalappat 0

The people of this country never had any doubts about the historicity of Krishna until the colonial invaders projected Krishna as a mythical figure cooked up by wonderful stories. The story of Krishna is deeply