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The Temples of Kundapura

June 26, 2020 Guest 0

Anegudde Temple, Kumbashi, Kundapur Taluk Anegudde Sri Vinayaka Temple is situated in Kundapur taluk in Udupi district, between Kota and Koteshwara towns. The area where the temple stands is called Kumbhashi. Among the several temples

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Train yourself for Mumbai locals

June 7, 2020 Guest 0

Kavita Dadhe shares 10 pointers to keep in mind when traveling in Mumbai locals If you thought Mumbai was known for its ‘chalta hai’ attitude, try getting into the ladies’ compartment of Churchgate-bound 9.04 am

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6 facts about college admissions

May 16, 2020 Guest 0

6 facts about college admissions that help explain why seemingly excellent applicants don’t always get in. Don’t be misled by those magazine rankings. Nobody in his right mind would bother to apply to a prestigious

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8 Ways Infertility Affects Your Mental Health

April 29, 2020 Guest 0

Infertility can sometimes be emotionally draining for people who have it. Depressive disorder is highly common in those who suffer from infertility. To make matters worse, these people find it hard to seek help from


8 Unpopular Travel Destinations This Summer

April 28, 2020 Guest 0

Travel this summer will prove interesting, to say the least. Travel restrictions are affecting everyone right now, and many who had planned their dream vacations are now re-evaluating and even canceling those plans based on