The Bunts Culture and Beliefs: Cobra Worship

November 9, 2018 Guest 0

Original Kannada article written by Mr Aerya Laxminarayan Alva It was generally believed  that  bunts were originally spirit worshippers (bhoota). They started believing in and worshipping puranic gods like Shiva, Krishna, Rama, Janardhana, etc. much […]


Konkani – The Language

November 8, 2018 Guest 0

Konkani is one of the 22 languages officially recognized by the Government of India. While a tentative figure of 350 languages is generally quoted for the Indian subcontinent, the French geo-linguist, Roland Breton claims that […]


Jain Architecture and Iconography

November 7, 2018 Guest 0

It is with good reasons that we should consider Tulunadu the citadel of Jainism at present in Southern India. It is a distinct living religion in absolute harmony with Hinduism. So much so that there […]


Jainism in TuluNadu

November 6, 2018 Guest 0

Anterior to the introduction of Buddhism in to the Deccan by the missionary zeal of Asoka in the 3rd century B.C. the Jaina religion seemed to have found a convenient foothold in Karnataka for its […]


A Brief History: Tulunad

November 5, 2018 Guest 0

To a superficial observer it may appear as though India is a land mass occupied by diverse social, religious and linguistic groups putting on a mantle of political unity.  But a careful study of its […]


The Mathas & Religious Practices of Saraswats

November 4, 2018 Guest 0

Our temples of the Kuladevatas were originally villages deities of various villages. Life centered round these temples and Utsavas in Kartika, Shravana and during Rathasaptami, take place here with all grandeur, and the Utsava murthy […]