Random Stuff

SHE – a poem

November 11, 2015 Sara Showkath Ali 0

This is about my cousin sister whom i adored. Now, the flower of our friendship has wilted and dried and crumbled into pieces which I feel is irretrievable.     She walked towards the house,

Food & Shopping

Barbecue nation – Food and Memories

October 26, 2015 Sara Showkath Ali 0

Everyone were talking about barbecue nation which opened recently in Mangalore. So we made a reservation 2 days prior to have lunch on a week day  (lower rates compared to dinner and Sundays). We got

Random Stuff

Waves – how a child saw it…

October 25, 2015 Sara Showkath Ali 0

Little girl I was, Standing by the sea, holding dad’s hand, Looking at the sea so vast… The beautiful blue waves, Rolled over, jumped, glided, became small Washed away the shells I saved… I looked

KMC Mangaluru

Malaria – endemic city worries

September 2, 2015 Sara Showkath Ali 0

‘Mangalore is endemic to malaria’ that’s one of the first things I heard when I came to Mangalore. Even though I got bit by mosquitos whenever I went out, people started getting malaria (I came