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May 18, 2015 Satyam Kapoor 0

I am writing this post just to give people a perspective on how vehla (jobless) you get once you are into SR ship. I have watched a lot of telly lately and I somehow always […]

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AITA to file PIL demanding better leaking conditions

December 11, 2013 Guest 0

The All India Tear Association (AITA) has filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) demanding “better leaking condition” and “legal restrain” on their working conditions. “Since having liberalized the Indian economy, exposure to the West has […]

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Confession of a cricket ball

October 19, 2013 Guest 0

Dear Mr. Sachin, We have been working with you for over 20 years.  When being made and being groomed in the factory we learnt that our life is simple, with very little independence.  We have […]

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Khap Village Panchayat proscribes education

October 9, 2013 Guest 0

Diktats are on rise. After the controversial diktat that was issued by a Khap Panchayath in UP which limited the freedom of girls for their “goodness”, another village in India, has issued a diktat asking […]