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Living With HIV – An Observation

April 27, 2015 Sreya Banerjee 0

HIV- When you hear this acronym, what is it that goes on in your head? Something along the lines of: fear, anger, blame and pity? I’ve been guilty of the same, despite being a medical


Cooking – Therapy For The Soul

January 9, 2015 Sreya Banerjee 0

“And every second’s like torture, Hell over trip, no more so. Finding a way to let go Baby baby no I can’t escape…”-The Heart Wants What It Wants(Song) No, this isn’t an article about heart-break.


Lucky Lips ? – February fever

February 12, 2014 Sreya Banerjee 0

“Lips that laugh, lips that smile with your prongs makes me eye. Lips that moan, lips that sigh, takes me to a loathsome high.” – Author unnamed This  love-festive week of February , where love


First Date?Dress to Impress!

October 30, 2013 Sreya Banerjee 0

First date is one of the most exciting and nerve wrecking events of a girl’s life.Guys have it easier,when it comes to dressing up, and we don’t need more than the Academy Awards to prove