October 30, 2013 Rahul Bevara 0

If you’re a keen amateur photographer one of the type of  photos you’ll be taking the most are PORTRAITS. They can be pictures of your friends,family or even your pets. Everyone loves a good Portrait photograph. This


Humayun’s Tomb, Delhi

October 27, 2013 Guest 0

When asked about the various places to see in Delhi, most would mention popularly visited places like Qutub Minar, Red Fort, Jama Masjid, India Gate, Lotus Temple, etc. But only  a few would tell you



October 23, 2013 Guest 0

Gokarna is a small and remote holy town, with two of India’s most secluded and pristine beaches nestled nearby. Travel to Gokarna to get a feel for what Goa was like in its heyday, in


Smartphone Photography

October 22, 2013 Rahul Bevara 1

The first thing that comes to our mind when we think about smartphone photography is Instagram, Facebook, Editing Apps and many other ways of sharing pictures online. Here are a few tips on how you


Beach Photography

October 15, 2013 Rahul Bevara 2

The beach is a perfect place for all genres of photography. Beaches present digital camera owners with a number of wonderful opportunities as they are places of natural beauty, color and interesting light. However they


Sony Alpha NEX-3N – My New Camera!

October 12, 2013 Guest 0

Hello guys! Its festive season again! It’s been seven months since I started doing my internship, and have been saving money for a special thing which I wanted to buy since quiet a long time.


Photography. On Stage.

October 10, 2013 Salman Anwar 1

Stage photography can be a spectacular foray into the world of professional photography, but like any other foray, it requires practice, and a keen eye for detail. While stage photography may seem simple to the


PHOTO EDITING: How much is “too much” ?

October 7, 2013 Guest 1

Nowadays we have apps like Photo editor for Android and PC Softwares like Adobe Photoshop or Picasa that can be used to change a boring lackluster picture into a top class professional photograph. But that


Weekend Getaway – Narahari Hills!

October 5, 2013 Guest 0

Hi guys! I recently visited an awesome place with an amazing view. This place is located on NH48, the highway that connects Mangalore to Bangalore. From Pumpwell circle, Narahari is exactly 26 kms. I started


A Poem for Best Friends, You

October 4, 2013 Guest 0

I still remember the first day we met We were too shy to say much at all It’s funny to think back to that time Because now we’re having a ball! They say that true