KMC Mangaluru

Kannada Gothilla!

July 31, 2013 Nidhi 8

3rd floor! General Male ward. Attavar Hospital. 9:25 AM. There I was, in front of bed no. 4 with stethoscope hanging on my shoulder, the ‘medicine kit’ consisting of knee hammer, tuning forks , measuring

KMC Mangaluru

The Beast Within

July 27, 2013 Guest 4

It was a moonlit night. Kicking a stone on my way back to the hostel, walking down the dark lane and whistling to myself- much to shake off the perpetual silence that veiled that night.

KMC Mangaluru

The Unconditoned Love

July 20, 2013 Guest 0

She turned around and chills ran down her spine. It was as though a thunderbolt had struck her. With disbelief in her eyes and tears trickling down her face, she saw her house was on

KMC Mangaluru

The day my conscience got all worked up!

July 11, 2013 Guest 2

Yesterday was the ‘Grand Rounds day’, boring! On these days, we basically follow the doctor around as he does his rounds of the wards. Here ‘we’ stands for at least 20 people. And to be

KMC Mangaluru

Stepping into 3rd Semester!

July 9, 2013 Nidhi 0

Welcome the batch of 2012 to 2nd MBBS. Now that you all must get over the euphoria of clearing the First MBBS, here’s a quick guide into what’s your coming 3rd semester of this 1.5  LONG

KMC Mangaluru

The Understated : Life of A Medico

July 6, 2013 Guest 4

Ever encountered a medical aspirant striving hard to get through the entrance? Ask him and he will mesmerize you with his thoughts about our life – yes the life of an MBBS student. Yes that’s

KMC Mangaluru


July 5, 2013 Guest 0

We here at Manipal University stand shocked and horrified. A news came floating last week from our counterpart in Manipal and it shook everybody. A first year student of KMC Manipal committed suicide. Reason being-the