Paranormal Romance- The result!

August 31, 2013 Ankita Singh 0

We ran the Paranormal Romance contest from 20th August to 30th August, 2013; and received 37 entries via email from all over India. Entries submitted was judged by Neelima Vinod author of ‘Unsettled’, a staff member of MMMC, Manipal and […]

Paranormal Romance

Thou shall repent – Manisha Singh

August 22, 2013 Guest 0

I opened the door, she came running by and hugged me like it was the first and the last time. I couldn’t stop smiling at those sparkling heavenly eyes, that God-like face. She wanted to […]

Paranormal Romance

The Sunset Lovers – Megha Nayar

August 21, 2013 Guest 1

Each evening, as I cart my bullocks out of our corn fields and onto the dusty path that leads us home, I hear two familiar voices. At a few hundred metres from my fields, those […]

Paranormal Romance

Last Wish – Vinayak Prabhu

August 21, 2013 Guest 3

Peruzam lifts the crumpled bill and is perplexed how it got there. “How come no one noticed this 100 rupee note too?” he thought to himself. Lost in his own heap of thoughts, he carefully […]

Paranormal Romance

Just a Dream- Kumar Harsh

August 21, 2013 Guest 0

She knew this was a dream. The sky was white, without a speck of cloud. She was gliding over the grass; no effort was required. She had been here before. Across the field, she saw […]

Paranormal Romance

Entry no 25(Paranormal Romance)

August 21, 2013 Guest 1

She spotted him late into the party that night, surrounded by a few men. She watched him, fingers curved around the glass in his hand, avidly listening to a tale one of the other men […]