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Tips to Help Young People Transform Into Adulthood

June 11, 2020 Crystal 0

The period of abandoning childhood and venturing into adulthood comes with several challenges. It is, therefore, clear that there are pressure and confusion among the personalities involved in this process. The young people will, therefore,


The Top Five Tips For New Parents

December 20, 2019 Crystal 0

Be Patient Time must slow down for new parents to make, baby, mom, and dad happy. For example, parents can’t rush a newborn to sleep. The diaper must be done right, or it could lead

broken heart

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

November 18, 2019 Crystal 0

Does your course load have you bogged down? No time to cram and mend your broken heart? No worries! Mangaluru Blog has your guide to Speedy Healing 101! Finals are rapidly approaching. Your Greek house’s