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Boy Scout Camping Trips All Aboard America!

May 1, 2015 Guest 0

Can you smell the approaching summer? The thermometer is rising, school is almost out, and before long, the Boy Scout camping trips will be the norm. Organized camping is a creative, educational experience in cooperative […]

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Bangkok Shopping Guide

April 18, 2015 Guest 0

Of all the thrilling experiences to be had in The Land of Smiles, Bangkok shopping is the one where you’ll get the most value for money. No matter what it is you are looking for, […]

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Guangzhou’s Nightspots, Bars and Pubs

November 22, 2014 Guest 0

Many tourists hesitate to visit China because of its reputation as a strict and repressive place. But if there is one city that you could call the exception to the rule, that would be Guangzhou. […]


Best Spots for surfing in U.S

November 3, 2014 Guest 0

USA is home to perfectly breaking waves and warm water that makes it a tropical heaven for all; this is especially valid for surfers. Surfing is an embrace piece of the conventions and culture of […]


Australia: 5 Amazing Beaches to Visit

October 17, 2014 Guest 0

Being an island continent, Australia has the world best beaches. With a coastline that extends to more than 12,000 kilometers, Australia has the highest number of beaches in the world. This combined with the numerous […]

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5 Exotic Foods to Try in Sri Lanka

September 30, 2014 Guest 0

Are you ready for that exotic getaway to Sri Lanka? If the answer is yes, then you are most likely looking into the many areas that will make your journey special. Flight arrangements, finding the […]


Explore the Diverse Culture of Turkey

August 18, 2014 Guest 0

Turkey is an amazing country that offers different kinds of attractions to travelers. When looking for a tourist destination this country is incredible to explore. The country has fascinating blend of cultures such as attractive […]

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Sun, Sand and Sea – Beaches of Spain

August 2, 2014 Guest 0

THERE’S SOMETHING along Catalunya’s coastline for every beach bum. Stretching from Port Bou, on the French border, down to Valencia it offers picturesque fishing villages, package tourist hot spots, quiet coves, city beaches, good water […]

Sand Sculpture in Seaside of Sitges, Spain
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Sitges: more than sand & sun

July 30, 2014 Guest 0

During the Roman occupation of Iberia, Subur was one of the most prominent commercial ports in the western Mediterranean. Nowadays, Sitges, as it became known during the Middle Ages, has a different, albeit still commercial […]