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Revenge On The Autowalas

October 16, 2013 Guest 1

This week’s article isn’t about any of the world’s more pressing concerns. Nothing about Phailin, or the US government’s shutdown, increased terror of El Nino. I can go on but you get the drift right?


Honesty- the best policy?

October 6, 2013 Meher 0

As soon as a child begins to comprehend language, he is bombarded with all kinds of morals in the form of anecdotes and rhymes; each being catchier than the last. One of the first and


Relationship Preview Before “Yes, I do!”

September 29, 2013 Meher 0

Premarital relationships have become more of a rule than an exception among the youth of urban India. Abstinence is no more an unsaid regulation; in fact it is now a choice. The fundamental ideological conflict

The Skeletons in Our Closets

September 25, 2013 Guest 0

“Hmm…What should I wear today?” In the last 3 years, there have been two separate instances where a close friend of mine opened up to me and told me how she was violated in her