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August 15, 2014 Mihika 0

LET THE “FEAST” BEGIN! We have come to an end of our first year of M.B.B.S. It was only yesterday that we had come to Mangalore with our parents, trying to adjust with the crowd,

Food & Shopping

Ghar ka Khana

April 7, 2014 Mihika 0

Before going to our homes for the much awaited winter vacations for the first time, I am sure all of us made a list – a list of things we have to shop, people we

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The sisterhood of Bejai

December 6, 2013 Manognya Chekragari 8

Bad first impressions, that’s how it always starts. We come to a new place with truckloads of expectations and prejudices. As we enter a new world, we know that there will be people from Jharkhand,

Art & Lifestyle

The lost friend

November 28, 2013 Manognya Chekragari 2

“I’m not running away from my problems. I’ll face them. I’m not moving out of my room,” I said. First sessionals were looming large and I was desperately trying to get over the fact that

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October 8, 2013 Guest 0

Its almost 12 and you have brushed your teeth but our stomach demands its one last wish for the day – maybe a cookie or a slice of apple ,actually anything edible would do. Tip