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Mother Nature’s Henchmen

November 15, 2015 Krishnapriya Ramanathan 0

One word says it all; mosquitoes. They help humans in no way. Unless you are full of vengeance and like to see your enemies suffering from malaria, dengue, chikungunya, brain fever, yellow fever or filariasis.


The Great Indian News Nonsense

August 31, 2015 Tanmay Tiwari 0

Let’s face it. There is absolutely nothing worthwhile to watch on the Indian news channels these days. Even the most pointless of all issues are presented to us in an exaggerated fashion. And unfortunately, the


A Journey To The Pink City – Jaipur

May 7, 2015 Guest 0

Since childhood, I have been to the pink city a number of times but the kind of the experience I had in the recent trip was simply unmatchable. As I had three days to stay

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The Passive Political Revolution

January 21, 2014 Guest 0

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi A new year has just begun. We’ve, hopefully, much to look forward to. Much good awaits.

The Mangalore Diaries


January 6, 2014 Guest 0

BREAK THE LANGUAGE BARRIER STUDENTS Students here, students there, everywhere you see students in Mangalore. Majority of the population in Mangalore is thriving with youth. Ever gave a thought as to what obstacles these students

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The Taj Mahal: A Symbol of Love?

September 29, 2013 Guest 2

During my stay in Noida I got an opportunity to visit Agra. Super excited like my group of friends, we booked a cab for a to-and-fro trip to Agra from Greater Noida on a chilly

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Asaram Bapu: God-man or God-damned?

September 5, 2013 Vyom Agarwal 0

It seems Rape and sexual assaults have become a hobby in India. After several distressing cases of atrocities against women, the latest to hit the headlines is that of self-styled Godman Asaram Bapu. A 16