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The silent moon

July 12, 2014 Guest 0

  A ridiculously large moon Hanging over the trees In the wild open sky but without the stars Why, oh why did the stars leave? Did they fell on earth with the rains? Did they

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i, the letter…

March 21, 2014 Anirudh Chand 0

In a world of curiosity, Without any “curiousness”, There wouldn’t be any, Questioning her blemishes.   For it is only with wit and mastery, That all shines bright and shimmery, Be it what the Vulpex

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‘Valentine’s Day’ Contest- Result

March 8, 2014 Ankita Singh 1

MB Mangalore organized ‘Valentine’s Day’ Photography and Poetry contest in the month of February. We got many entries for both the contests, but only 13 poetry and 12 photographs qualified the mentioned criterion for the

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“Valentine’s Day- The Contest”

February 14, 2014 Ankita Singh 1

ManipalBlog Mangalore presents to you the opportunity to display your Poetry and Photography skills and win handsome cash prizes and gift vouchers.   Details of the contest (PHOTOGRAPHY) All contestants are required to click pictures

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Can I give you a place too?

November 29, 2013 Guest 0

The cheerful faces in the brown of sunflower, The sky high lights from the sky scraper tower. The window in my heart singing a lyre, The faith in me, so strong,and my desire, To reach


A Poem for Best Friends, You

October 4, 2013 Guest 0

I still remember the first day we met We were too shy to say much at all It’s funny to think back to that time Because now we’re having a ball! They say that true

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Redefining Life-Ishtyle

June 28, 2013 Vyom Agarwal 0

Greetings everyone!!! Welcome to the blog…keep coming frequently otherwise we will have to go down and of course feel free to contact us regarding absolutely anything at This is a brief introduction to the